BTS: Back To Sanitization!

BTS: Back To Sanitization!

Are your kids home sick yet??

For parents in the beauty and makeup artist industry, the back-to-school season brings not only excitement but also a unique set of challenges. Fall flu season can hit hard, potentially impacting your work and livelihood. As we all know, in the beauty industry, hygiene and sanitation are paramount. Let’s explore how makeup artists and beauty professionals can tackle the challenges of fall flu season while emphasizing the importance of sanitation and hygiene, including the use of products like BeautySoClean to keep cosmetics safe and germ-free.

Fall flu season can wreak havoc on the beauty and makeup artist industry. As clients come in for various beauty services at counter, studios or salons, close contact is inevitable, making the transmission of viruses and bacteria a real concern. This season, with the added risk of new variants, maintaining impeccable sanitation practices is more critical than ever.

When makeup artists or beauty professionals fall ill, it can lead to missed appointments, canceled gigs, and potential damage to your professional reputation. Clients rely on your services, and the last thing you want is to let them down due to illness.

Hygiene and Sanitation Practices for Beauty Professionals: It’s here to stay!

Here are some industry-specific strategies for makeup artists and beauty professionals to navigate flu season successfully:


  • Use BeautySoClean Products: BeautySoClean offers a range of sanitization products specifically designed for cosmetics. Incorporate their cosmetic and brush sanitizers into your daily routine to keep makeup products germ-free. Regularly sanitize brushes, palettes, and other tools.


  • Clean and Disinfect Your Workspace: Before and after each client, thoroughly clean and disinfect your workspace, including your chair, table, and any equipment you use. Use disinfectant wipes or sprays that are safe for cosmetic surfaces.


  • Personal Hygiene: Maintain strict personal hygiene. Wash your hands thoroughly before and after each appointment and use hand sanitizer between clients. Ensure that you and your clients wear masks when appropriate.


  • Limit Client Interaction: If you or your clients exhibit symptoms of illness, reschedule appointments. It's better to prioritize health over business in such cases.


  • Ventilation: Ensure good ventilation in your workspace to reduce the concentration of airborne particles that might carry germs.


  • Disposable Applicators: Consider using disposable applicators when applying makeup, especially for eye and lip products. Dispose of them properly after each use.


  • Educate Clients: Educate your clients about your sanitation practices and the measures you're taking to keep them safe. Transparency can build trust.


  • Regular Health Checks: Keep an eye on your own health and that of your family members. If someone in your household falls ill, take extra precautions to prevent the spread of illness.

Fall flu season poses unique challenges for parents in the beauty and makeup artist industry. However, with the right sanitation and hygiene practices, you can navigate this season successfully while safeguarding your clients, your family, and your reputation.

BeautySoClean products are a valuable addition to your counter and toolkit, ensuring that your cosmetics remain safe and free from cross contamination. Remember, in the beauty industry, hygiene is not just an option anymore; it's an essential part of providing quality safe service.

By prioritizing sanitation, you can continue to make people feel beautiful while keeping everyone safe and healthy.

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