Is your makeup contaminated?

As the masks come down, and the makeup comes out, it’s time to take a close look at what is hiding in your makeup bag!  Makeup users tend to be overconfident that cosmetics can last for a long time and be usable just because they look normal and don’t have an off smell. But microscopically, there can still be a lot going on.

Even though many of us, and our makeup, have been frozen in time since the beginning of the pandemic, this does not extend the life span of our untouched products. The clock marches on for makeup and skin-care products, which typically have shorter shelf lives than most people expect and can become contaminated with potentially harmful microbes.

Some people think that what’s contaminating their products is daily use — opening, closing, applying to the face. Although frequency of usage is a factor, the real issue is when preservatives in products start breaking down over time, leaving the makeup more susceptible to growing bacteria, such as Staphylococci or E. coli, that may cause skin irritation, or infection.

Experts stress that it is vitally important to keep track of product expiration dates. While there may be no laws or regulations that require cosmetics to have specific shelf lives or expiration dates on their labels, many products often indicate a suggested time frame on the packaging, denoted by a small icon of an open jar with the number of months written inside. That clock starts ticking when you begin to use the product. However, even unopened cosmetics can go bad. In most cases, if you’ve had a product longer than three years, it should probably be tossed.

Liquid formulations, particularly eye makeup such as mascara and eyeliners, have the shortest shelf life. Mascara, for instance, should be replaced every three to six months,  whereas powder products can last one to two years.

Average Shelf Life Of Cosmetics Once Opened

  • Mascara: 2 - 3 months.
  • Foundation (Powder): 18 months.
  • Foundation (Liquid): 6-12 months.
  • Concealer (Powder or stick): 2 years.
  • Concealer (Liquid): 1 year.
  • Face Powder: 2 years.
  • Blush (Powder): 2 years.
  • Blush (Cream): - 1 year.
  • Eye Shadow (Powder): 2 years.
  • Eye Shadow (Cream): 3-6 months.
  • Eyeliner (Liquid or gel): 2-3 months.
  • Eyeliner (Pencil): 1 to 2 years.
  • Lipstick and Liner: 1 year.


Though it may be frustrating to get rid of unopened or seldom-used makeup that you spent money on, it’s important to take stock of what you truly need and use. It is not just that the product becomes less effective over time, there’s actual harm to it, and you want to avoid that if you can.

Since bacteria can grow on your neglected makeup and brushes, what can we do to avoid contamination?

According to dermatologists, most people fall short in their efforts to keep makeup products clean. It’s challenging, because we are all moving so fast when we’re in the bathroom and we’re getting ready in the morning. It’s the smallest things that we forget to do that can potentially contaminate our makeup – like closing the toilet seat before flushing!

However, there are also ways to maximize the longevity of some cosmetics by reducing the potential for contamination. One of the easiest ways is by sanitizing your makeup every day with BeautySoClean Cosmetic Sanitizers and Wipes. With a proven 99.99% efficacy against viruses and bacteria, daily using BeautySoClean can keep your makeup safe and germ-free.

How to clean your makeup with BeautySoClean

Step 1: Sanitize all pressed powder products with Cosmetic Sanitizer Mist.

Cosmetic Sanitizer Mist is effective for sanitizing powder-based products. It cleans and rejuvenates makeup products without altering the formula of the cosmetic product. It is specifically formulated so it does not dry out, crack or alter the formulation of the makeup.

Proven effective against viruses & bacteria in 15 seconds.

Directions for use: Hold Cosmetic Sanitizer Mist 6 inches / 15cm from product surface and mist once.

 Recommended for use on: cosmetic products such as: eyeshadows, blush, bronzers, pressed powders etc.

Step 2: Sanitize and clean cream-based products with Cosmetic Sanitizer Wipes

The individually wrapped, non-woven, Cosmetic Sanitizer Wipes are effective for sanitizing makeup that accumulates visible debris such as dust, lint and food particles. They clean, and refresh makeup without altering the products formula. The wipes do not dry out, crack or alter the colour of the makeup.

Proven effective against viruses & bacteria in 15 seconds.

 Directions for use: Use one wipe to wrap around lip-gloss, lipstick or mascara wand. Wipe gently from base to tip.

 Recommended for use on: Products such as lip gloss, lip balm, cosmetic pencils, liquid liner and mascara wands. Can also be used to sanitize concealer and foundation.

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