Spring Clean Your Makeup!

Spring Clean Your Makeup!

The snow is melting, the sun is shining, and longer days tease that summer is just around the corner. Slightly looser lockdown restrictions have us ready to come out of hiding, and put our best looks forward.

First things first, it is time for spring cleaning! Vacuuming under the couch, cleaning the back of the fridge, and swapping drab winter clothes with fresh, bright outfits for a new season. As everything is being freshened up, it's time to talk about an area in our homes that often gets overlooked - our makeup bags!

We think to wash and sanitize other surfaces or objects we come into contact with, yet, we neglect our cosmetics! These are products we place directly on our faces, lips and eyes - the entry-ways for viruses, bacteria, and germs that could compromise our health.

Where do I start?

Did you know that cosmetics have an expiry date? Raise your hand if you've had a tube of mascara knocking around in your makeup bag for over a year now. Or how about a lipstick you've been swiping on for a decade? Unless you routinely set aside time to clean out your cosmetics stash, it's all too easy to keep makeup, long after their expiration dates. We're all guilty of it—but it's time to make a change.

  • Concealer: one year
  • Cream blush: one year
  • Eyeliner: three months
  • Eyeliner pencil: two years
  • Eyeshadow: two years
  • Foundation: one year
  • Lip balm: one to five years
  • Lip gloss: one year
  • Lipstick: two years
  • Liquid eyeliner: three months
  • Mascara: three months
  • Powder blush: two years

Not only are all of those past-their-prime grooming products taking up valuable space in your medicine cabinet or makeup bag; using old tools and makeup could actually result in dangerous skin and eye irritations. In fact, a recent study in the UK found that 90 percent of beauty products—particularly sponge makeup blenders—are riddled with potentially "deadly superbugs," including E.coli and Staphylococci. Exposure to these unwelcome bacteria (which thrive in damp environments) can lead to things like skin infection and blood poisoning, at worst. And when you think about what these things are touching—going from your fingers, to your makeup brushes, face/mouth/eyes, and back to the product again—it's easy to see why it's dangerous to keep them for so long.

Time to Sanitize!

Now that you have cleared out the old, it's time to freshen up what remains. Using the BeautySoClean® Cosmetic Hygiene system is quick and easy:

Step 1: Sanitize all pressed powder products with Cosmetic Sanitizer Mist.

Cosmetic Sanitizer Mist is effective for sanitizing powder-based products. It cleans and rejuvenates makeup products without altering the formula of the cosmetic product. It is specifically formulated so it does not dry out, crack or alter the formulation of the makeup.

Proven effective against viruses & bacteria in 15 seconds.

Directions for use: Hold Cosmetic Sanitizer Mist 6 inches / 15cm from product surface and mist once.

 Recommended for use on: cosmetic products such as: eyeshadows, blush, bronzers, pressed powders etc.

Step 2: Sanitize and clean cream-based products with Cosmetic Sanitizer Wipes

The individually wrapped, non-woven, Cosmetic Sanitizer Wipes are effective for sanitizing makeup that accumulates visible debris such as dust, lint and food particles. They clean, and refresh makeup without altering the products formula. The wipes do not dry out, crack or alter the colour of the makeup.

Proven effective against viruses & bacteria in 15 seconds.

 Directions for use: Use one wipe to wrap around lip-gloss, lipstick or mascara wand. Wipe gently from base to tip.

 Recommended for use on: Products such as lip gloss, lip balm, cosmetic pencils, liquid liner and mascara wands. Can also be used to sanitize concealer and foundation.

Step 3: Soak and Sanitize Cosmetic Brushes

Makeup products — especially concealers and foundations — typically contain hydrating components, which provide a perfect breeding ground for bacterial growth. In addition to breeding bacteria, dirty makeup brushes prevent a flawless makeup application, and can even alter a product’s color clarity.

Dirty brushes become more abrasive and dry as they become more caked with product and debris from your face. In turn, this irritates the skin.

BeautySoClean® Brush Cleaners are efficient, yet gentle makeup brush cleansers. The no-rinse, quick drying formulas remove cosmetic residue, viruses, and bacteria that live on your brushes, leaving them fresh, clean and soft. They do not leave any residue on your brushes.

Directions for use:

Quick Clean: Spray brush until saturated and swipe out cosmetic residue on paper towel until dry.

Deep Clean & Sanitize: Pour brush cleaning solution into a small container. Dip the brush in solution and soak for 15 seconds. Swirl off any remaining pigment, ensuring that all bristles are exposed to the solution. Swipe on paper towel to remove excess liquid, until dry.

Recommended for use on: Natural and synthetic brushes


In a series of independent laboratory studies, BeautySoClean® Cosmetic Sanitizers and Brush Cleaners have been clinically proven to be effective against Human Coronavirus (229E). Influenza A (H1N1), and Herpes Simplex Virus (HSV-1).  

Further testing also revealed these formulas to effectively remove Staphylococcus Aureus, Pseudomonas Aeruginosa and Escherichia Coli (E. coli). 

For more information, please review our Health & Safety documentation.

Keep It Clean!

With all products you're dipping makeup brushes or your fingers into, you'll want to make sure that you regularly wash your hands, and sanitize your cosmetic products and brushes to prevent spreading bacteria, germs, and even viruses.

BeautySoClean® Cosmetic Sanitizers and Brush Cleaners are safe to use on your makeup and brushes, every day. This hygiene system makes it easy to keep your cosmetics clean and germ free, for a fresh and clean 2021!


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